processo-produttivo- scatole


Scatolificio Lecchese offers to customer’s an integrated full service. This makes the possibility to cooperate with a high level of customization in product and service

Graphic & Press



Offset printing

  • AW adaptation to the technical requirements of offset printing;

  • AW proofing to obtain customer’s BAT

  • Printing plate production with CTP technology

Metal treatments through the application solvent-based coatings, makes the metal suitable for offset printing.

Mass graphic replication of the agreed AW on tin plate or aluminium

Manufacturing and logistic

Cutting & drawing

Slitting & seaming (only 3 pcs)

Packaging & logistic

Through these operations performed under automatic sheet-feed presses, it is possible to obtain a lid and / or a bottom ready to use.

  • Through slitting the printed sheet is reduced in size in order to obtain a small body blank;

  • With seaming on “body maker” lines the blank edges are attached and become the tin body.

  • According with Customer’s needs (automatic feeding, special stock requirements) we implement the right packaging system;

  • Shipments to Customer’s facility or third party locations are managed directly with selected forwarders.